Friday, August 8, 2014

Attended Game Recap : DODGERS 7 @ angels ZIP, ZERO, NOTHING On August 7, 2014

The home and home series between the Dodgers and Angels came to a close last night with the Dodgers looking to win the season series from that little team from Anaheim for the first time since 2006. To do this they sent Korea's favorite soon Hyun-Jin Ryu to the mound to hopefully put an end to the Angel's recent dominance in the series. It also happened to be Mike Trout's birthday and the last two years on this day he has gone yard. Time to put that streak to rest as well.

The wife and I always attend one game at Dodger Stadium ( Tues with the Dodgers winning, natch ) and one game at the little A in Anaheim. This year our friend Eric joined us for the festivities and even though he supports the team in red it was a blast to enjoy the game with a rival fan. 

Mr. Ryu brought his A game and shut down the Angels. Even though the Dodgers were leading 4-0 in the bottom of the 6th you just knew that the Angels weren't finished yet. With 2 outs and Josh Hamilton at the plate he sent a Ryu pitch to deep center field which looked like it would go out for a 3 run home run until Puig caught up with it and recorded the out. The whole stadium was up and cheering but from that moment on you could tell the air was taken out of the Angel's sails. They would not threaten again and the Dodgers would tack on a few more runs for the final of 7-0. With that the Dodgers won both games in Anaheim and the Angel's rally monkey had this to say :

The atmosphere definitely had a playoff feel to it and seemed more Dodger leaning than when the teams played Monday and Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Dodgers showed up and manned up and took 3 out of 4 from the Angels. I finally have bragging rights within my household which has been missing for the past few years. In the end our group had a great time and we look forward to making this a yearly event.

Forever, Go Blue !!!

Happier times for the Angel fans prior to the game.
= )

Great looking horses in front of stadium prior to entry.
Disappointed they were not part of any pre-game ceremonies. 


  1. I'm thinking I may do a Dodgers/Anaheim game combo next year. One game in each stadium. It's about time I hit up another major league park besides Dodger Stadium.

    1. That is my bucket list. All 30 ballparks and after Texas in a month Ill have 10 down with 20 to go.

  2. I was just glad I could watch 4 Dodger games in a row. And I don't know if you saw but the 2014 Bowman Julio Urias redemptions are being shipped

    1. It was nice to watch in person AND on tv. Tired of this contract issue between TW and DTV. I did see that today on Twitter. Look forward to my black collection.