Monday, August 4, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Jackie Robinson Black Framed Reprint ( card #30 )

When the checklist for series 2 of Topps was released there were a few insert sets I wanted along with the normal base cards and the two parallels that I collect. But this and it's 4 brothers were the ones I set my eyes on and had top priority.

Topps decided to take 5 cards from their sets back in the day of Jackie Robinson and reprint them in metal framed form. I love these metal frames as I have acquired a few in the past year. A Koufax here, Trout there, an autograph Adrian to name just a few. Well you know I just have to acquire all 5 of these beauties for my collection.

Topps made a base version with two parallels. One numbered to 50 and the other numbered to 10. Thank God the base is black. Usually gold is the common one but this time around that color is the most limited one with it being numbered to 10. Silver while an attractive alternative happens to numbered to 50 which means a probable higher price point. I will be focusing on black which is fine with me. A great color.

Right out the gate these cards were commanding $23 on average with a few high sales of over $30. Yeesh. Pricey. Had to bide my time. I continued to sell comic codes until they fell in price for me to purchase. Slowly they dipped under the $20 threshold. Getting closer but not to my sweet spot yet. One day this particular one's auction was nearing its end and the price was at $10. Hoping and praying I could win it for a reasonable amount which I did when the auction ended with me being the high bid with a click under $14. Comic codes turned into cards. A beautiful thing.

One down with four more to go.

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