Thursday, August 7, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Mike Trout Base SP Photo Variation ( Future Stars )

Series 2 from Topps has been out for a little while and I have yet to get my hands on any base cards that I am wanting/needing for my collection. But in the meantime I have been able to get my hands on the red foil parallels and some Robinson inserts and now I can add the photo variation of Trout to the pile.

Other than parallels I love to hunt down these variations. Most if not all the time they are not numbered but they are limited and that is a draw for me. At the time of purchase I was on the down swing of sales as they were selling for a little less of $20 but sometimes a little more. I felt that was too much so I waited on the sidelines till this one came up and I won it for a little less than $10. A reasonable amount I thought considering there was no book value assigned to it as of yet.

** Edit - Book value has since come out and it is set at $20. Purchase seems even more reasonable now


  1. Whoa cool card. Never saw it before and never saw that uniform before. What is going on?? Is that a halo around the U? Cool... but if you're gonna do that, why not just put the halo around the A?

    1. I love this photo variations. I think the reason its not on the "A" is because it is a USA jersey and not an Angel jersey. Going to the game tonight? Ill be there in my Dodge Blue

    2. Still, if you're gonna give him a special halo for being an Angel, might as well put it on the A part. Not gonna be in Anaheim, unfortunately. I envy you. Would've loved to have caught one of these games.