Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Inception : Chris Anderson Base Autograph Blue Parallel ( 30 / 75 )

The second of the three Dodgers that I am pursuing within this year's Bowman Inception set has now been acquired.

I had already gotten my hands on Guerrero and now needed Anderson and Urias. Surprisingly enough the Anderson card was going for way more than I was willing to spend. Book value has it at $10 but most of the auctions that I partook in ended at or over that amount. eBay is supposed to be bargain hunting right? Ha Ha. Anyways, with only 75 copies of this blue card I had to keep my eyes open for any new copies that might show up. Finally this one came up for sale and had a reasonable asking price on a tradition auction. Had to wait a full 7 days but at the end of it I was the one and only bidder on the auction and became the proud owner of the card.

I have missed Chris the few times at Rancho Cucamonga so I have yet to acquire his autograph in person but considering the season he has had ( average at best ) I suspect he will start next season there so hopefully I can get him then. Till that happens though I have this nice blue copy to tide me over.

Two down with Urias the final one to acquire and my mini project will be complete.


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