Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Card(s) of the Day - 2014 Bowman Inception : Julio Urias Base Autograph Blue Parallel ( 16 / 75 ) and 2013 Bowman Sterling Base Autograph

The third of 3 Bowman Inception blue parallels is finally in hand and with it came a bonus card.

Urias was/is the big name on the Dodger front from this year's issue of Inception and he was the last one I needed to acquire but each time I tried to buy this card I was out bid at the last moment. There are only 75 copies in existence and with a $40 book value the demand is high and copies are limited.

Well I had a 2013 Bowman Sterling card of Urias that I got graded as recapped HERE but it earned a disappointing mint 9 on the autograph and even though the overall grade was gem mint it still bothered me. Well I saw this auction for this Bowman Inception card and though I wanted/needed it the auction had another card that drew my interest and made me want to win this auction even more.

16 of 75
If I could be the high bidder ( which I was obviously ) I would not only win the coveted Inception card but I would also win this other card :

That's right, another Sterling autograph card. My thinking was if I could sell my "disappointing" Urias graded card that would help if not pay for most of this auction. I ended up selling said Sterling card the day before the 2 card Urias auction was to end and with known amount of funds that I had access to I knew what my ceiling would be. Thankfully the auction did not get too close to it and I came out the winner for both cards.

The Inception card would probably grade out to a 9 with an outside chance of a 9.5 ( going to submit it either way ) and the new Sterling card has a flawless autograph ( no 9 here ) but the card itself is like the Inception one and will for sure grade out a 9 with an outside chance at gem mint. Still debating if I am going to try my luck again with BGS on the Sterling card.

Swap out one Urias autograph card for two. A win any day of the week.

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