Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Five Star : Miguel Cabrera Base Autograph Rainbow Parallel ( 19 / 25 )

Still trying to reacquire player's autographs on cards that I had on baseballs that I sold and Miguel Cabrera is/was a main one to get again and with this Topps Five Star of him I .... hold on, don't I have this card already?

If you recognize it from a previous post that means you actually looked on the blog on a semi continuous basis and for that I thank you. Well seen HERE is the card I "purchased" with my quarterly eBay bucks just a few weeks ago. So why did I go and get another one? Because I wanted one that would possibly grade out to gem mint by BGS.

As stated in the other card's post I believed it would grade out as a 9 due to an issue here and there and the autograph wasn't as crisp as I would like it to be. A great card still but if I could do "better" I would try my best to acquire it.

Well this beauty went up for sale and it is the rainbow parallel which means its only numbered to 25 unlike my 1st card which was numbered to 50. The autograph popped on screen and I went back and forth with the seller on potential "issues" with the card and I was pretty confident from what he told him that this copy would be better than the copy I already had. His auction was a BIN with a best offer option so he and I agreed on a price which was just a few dollars higher than the non parallel that I already had. I now had to sell the other one to use those funds to pay for this one as I wanted it to be an even swap. I waited till all Cabrera Five Star cards were sold to put mine up so it was the only one on eBay at the time. Action ensued within the hour and after its 3 day auction was over it sold for a $5 less than what I "spent" for the rainbow card.

Paid the seller and within a few days I had this new Cabrera card for my collection and it is definitely a step up from my 1st one. Only issue with the card is that one corner is slightly rounded but with my personal projection of 3 other 9.5 sub grades I think I might have a gem mint autographed Cabrera card. If not I still now have a more limited one that books for a little more than what my 1st one did.

19 / 25