Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Card of the Day - 2014 Topps : Jackie Robinson Silver Framed Reprint ( 8 / 50 ) ( card # 1 )

With the acquisition of this card my collection of the framed Jackie cards will look a little odd but I am ok with that.

There are 5 framed reprint cards of Jackie in series 2 of this year's Topps brand and I already acquired my first one in black as the silver and gold parallels are of a limited number. I was just going to go for all black frames and that was going to be fine with me. The silver versions were closing at over $25 ( though that average price has come down some ) so I never looked for them to purchase.

One night though right before I was going to call it a night I looked at one of my favorite sellers on the bay who has a knack for putting things up real late at night and he put this one up on a BIN auction for a mere $10 delivered. Even though this would make my collection non color coordinated I wasn't going to pass up this great deal. Hit the buy it button and sent him the funds and as usual within a week I had the card.

That is now 2 of the 5 of the set I have gotten my hands on.

8 of 50

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