Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Card of the Day - 2012 Allen and Ginter : Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph

It has been a long while... too long...that I have acquired an autograph of the best pitcher on the planet, Mr Clayton Kershaw.

I still can't believe I was even thinking of selling one of the precious ones I do have to acquire a Corey Seager autograph but with that out of my system I wanted to add not subtract to my Kershaw collection. The prices on his cards keep going up and up so I better get a move on it if I expect to score a deal.

I will no longer be going after any sticker versions of Clayton's autograph even though they are of him and any Kershaw autograph is a good one. Guess I am getting kind of snobby in that aspect now.

Most copies were going too high for my tastes but I did find this 2012 A&G on a BIN auction with a best offer option. This particular year is my favorite of all the A&G issues as the autographs are black bordered. Well I saw that another person put in an offer so I put in one as well and noticed that the seller countered with the other person so I had to wait out a day till he ended up countering my offer. Surprisingly it was $25 less than his asking price and only $10 more than my offer. Wasn't going to pass that up so I accepted his offer and had the card in hand within the week.

I can tell that the centering would get a mint grade of 9.0 but everything else looks great. Not going to submit it for a full encased grade but I found out South Bay Sportscards is having another in house raw grade review by BGS in a few weeks so I will go that route and see how it grades out.

Even with a mint 9 I couldn't be happier with acquiring another Kershaw autograph for a very reasonable amount.


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    1. Its sells on eBay for $50-$70 depending on demand on any given day