Sunday, August 24, 2014

Card of the Day - 2001 Topps : Ralph Branca Autograph

I have had my eyes on this card since I got back into the hobby last year. The problem was that every time it came up for sale on eBay the ending price always exceeded $10 and that was just not in budget for this particular card.

Saw it once again on the bay and added it to my watch list. Like most times there were no bids on it till the final day but unlike the previous times the high price was lower. I put in my acceptable amount and this time I came out on top for the cost of less than seven dollars. Glad to finally add this Brooklyn great to my collection. I am still looking for a black signed ball of his but till then at least I have representation of Ralph in my collection finally.


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  2. If it's really true that the Giants were stealing signs for much of the season Dem Bums were gypped of a pennant and Branca never should have been in the position to be a goat. Nice card.