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57 Cards Submitted to Beckett For Full Grading at South Bay Sportscards on September 10th, 2016

... didn't I just finish running through my results from my last batch of cards that I sent to Beckett? Sheesh, where does the year ago. While I don't reach the volume that the March submission I still sent in a lot for the grading treatment and of course once again here is my post on what I think about each one and with that lets start things off.

1957 Topps Koufax

The one card where I do not care what grade is attached to it as I just want it slabbed to add it to my vintage Koufax collection. With that said I think it will earn somewhere between a 3 to 4.5 which is
good enough for me.

2016 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw Milestone Insert (10/10)

Technically I know the grade or to be exact the non grade that this card will be receiving. This is one of the handful that I submitted to BGS for a raw review and I was almost 100$ sure it would earn something less than a 9 overall and I was right as it came in at a 8.5. There was no way I was letting this card go so I did something I have never done before and sent the card in for slabbing without any grade attached to it. I did this solely for the purpose of storage purposes. Grade or not this is a great piece.

2015 Gypsy Queen Clayton Kershaw Autograph Silver Parallel (39/50)

It may not be a 9.5 but it's nice knowing that I will be adding another mint Kershaw autograph to the collection especially considering I was pretty sure this would come in as an 8.5 from the raw card review. Considering this is a silver parallel I guess it is appropriate that it will have a silver banner above it. 

2016 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Punch Out Toploader Autograph (10/10)

Even though it is not a 9.5 and "just" a plain ole mint 9 I am more than happy that I know the grade going in as I crossed my fingers on the raw grade review as I had to use some elbow grease to get a corner flattened enough for it to pass. I believe when I get this card back with the full sub grades revealed that corners will come in at a 8.5 while the rest will be high if not all 9.5's. 

2009 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw Autograph Red Ink Variant (58/60)

Another Kershaw autograph that is destined for a 9.0 from BGS and I am more than happy with that as these red ink variants from the Heritage brand are beautiful. Unlike another Kershaw autograph that did not get an equal grade swap from PSA to BGS from my RCR submission this one did as it will now go from PSA 9 to a BGS 9 case. The only question is how close to a gem mint does it come to as if it is only .5 from a 9.5 then I will be going for a bump grade in March.   

2016 Gypsy Queen Mike Trout Gold Mini Parallel (1/50)

While a gold banner on a gold parallel is the optimal result of said parallel I am really stretching it here and thinking this returns with a 9.5 attached to it.

While centering and surface looks good there are 2 corners that have issues. I have seen worse on other gem mint cards so it will come down to which grader I get for this card. Hoping for gold but halfway expecting silver. 

2016 Gypsy Queen Clayton Kershaw Gold Mini Parallel (16/50)

Different player yet same parallel and issues.

Kershaw's card here is just like the Trout gold mini as I am expecting silver but hold out that it might squeak by and earn a gold return. Clayton's card just like Trout's has 2 corners with slight fraying issues so it all depends on the grader's mood that day.

2016 Gypsy Queen Corey Seager Gold Mini Parallel (46/50)

Just like the Trout and Kershaw ones I am holding my breath in the hopes of this gold parallel earning a gold banner to make the case color coordinated. Unlike the Trout one though this Seager card only seems to have 1 bad corner so it has a chance a gold return but still not banking on it.

2015 Topps Tribute Mike Trout Black Parallel (21/50)

The quality of the 2015 Tribute issue rears its ugly head here as this is borderline gem mint/mint and it all comes down to 1 corner that is noticeable even without the loop.

I tried fixing it prior to submitting and if it can pass muster and earn a 9 on that sub grade then I believe this earns a gold 9.5 banner. Of course I have my fingers crossed as I have an iffy feeling about this one. 

2015 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Action Pose Photo Variation

As I go through my batch of cards to do these write ups I wonder why I put this card in the group as I think it is almost certain to earn a 9 instead of a 9.5.

There are 2 corners that have slight issues which might be overlooked and still earn an overall 9.5 but the centering on the front is not 50/50 and if Beckett decides its 56/44 or more than there is no way this card earns a 9.5. I get caught up sometimes in getting a batch going. Oh well.

2016 Topps Tier One Corey Seager Clear Autograph (18/25)

I have a couple Seager autographs in this batch and like all cards I hope for them to earn 9.5's but this is one that may or may not gem as I can tell it is slightly off centered on the front. My other issue is on the flip side where I can't really tell if it is centered or not. We shall see.

Everything else looks good with the autograph being nice and crisp. I lean towards this earning a 9.5 but crossing my fingers at the same time.

2015 Bowman's Best Clayton Kershaw Hi Def Autograph (27/50)

For a thick card I am very surprised that this one seems to be void of any issues and I expect to add yet another gem mint autograph to my Kershaw autograph collection. The only thing that might arise but minor if it does is that the surface has a few indentations in it but I think all of these have them so we shall see what Beckett thinks about that. 

2016 Stadium Club Clayton Kershaw Autograph Gold Parallel (8/25)

Another Kershaw autograph but one that I will be happy if it holds at a 9. 

If this wasn't an autographed card I probably wouldn't have submitted it but since it is it goes for the grading. There are 2 corners that have a slight fraying issue and from past experience that "should" only dock that sub grade down to an 8.5 which should mean the overall grade should hold at a 9. Of course if I get a blind grader then it will come back gem mint. Ha Ha.

2015 Topps Chrome Culminations Autograph (18/50)

When I see a Topps sticker on any card that is shipped directly from them I somewhat expect it to come in better shape than if it was one pulled out of a pack but sadly that is not the case half the time. I think I got the bad half when it comes to this card as there are 2 slightly frayed corners but hopefully that doesn't drop the overall grade under the 9 threshold. 

2016 Stadium Club Mike Trout Photo Variation

I love me my Trout photo variations but I do not love anything less than a 9.5 but I am taking a chance on this one as it will return with a strong 9 or weak 9.5 and hopefully it will be the latter and not the former.

There is 1 corner that has fuzziness around it which is connected to 1 edge which doesn't look "that" bad but we shall see what BGS thinks about it. This card would irritate me even more so if it comes back as a silver label since I "overpaid" for it.

2016 Topps Clayton Kershaw Black Parallel (14/65)

Other than 1 corner on this card there is no issue BUT it does seem to get awfully get close to affecting the edge where the issues is located at. The question is does this only hurt one grade or 2 grades? While I don't think it hurts either too bad I am hoping that only 1 gets docked to a 9 so I can add another gem mint to my Kershaw collection. 

2015 Topps Strata Clayton Kershaw Autograph Black Parallel (36/50)

Another redemption card from Topps with another minimal issue and just like the other Kershaw autograph the corners are the suspect condition wise. 

This is a thick card so corners are always subject to an issue or two and this one is no different but in the end I think it still holds at an overall 9 grade from Beckett as the damage is only really seen under the loop.

2015 Topps Tribute Sandy Koufax Black Parallel (33/50)

With a batch close to 60 cards this is the only one that is of the Dodger legend, Mr. Sandy Koufax. That is to be expected as he does not have that many numbered parallels to pick from in the modern area but this black one fits the bill but I say it has a 50/50 shot at a gem mint return. There are 2 corners with some fuzziness around it. Hoping that they can hold to a 9 and the rest of the subs gem as I am sorely lacking in Koufax gems or at least in my point of view when compared to Trout and Kershaw gems.

2016 Gypsy Queen Corey Seager Photo Variation

Out of the 3 paper products I collect (Ginter, Heritage and GQ) the Gypsy Queen brand is a distant third in wanting and quality as unlike Ginter and Heritage I usually receive good returns. I am hoping this time I get a different result with the few GQ I have in the batch.

Out of all of them I would say this is in the best condition and that is with its 1 frayed corner. It's not terrible but it isn't minor so hopefully I get a grader in a good mood when this shows up on his desk.

2015 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Color Swap Variant

Another minor addition to my collection which I hope I can turn into a gem mint return from BGS. 

The cost was minimal for this card and I hope that the slight edge issue is minimal as well as that is the only thing I can see that might hold this back from earning a 9.5 from Beckett. 

2015 Topps Five Star Clayton Kershaw Silver Signatures Autograph Green Parallel (1/15)

Here is yet another thick card and once again there is a small issue on the back side when it comes to 2 corners. Other than that this card is perfect in my opinion. Centering and edges look great and as long as those corners don't get docked down to an 8.5 I believe I will score another gem mint Kershaw autograph for myself.

2014 Topps High Tek Mike Trout Black and White Parallel (14/15)

While I am still not the biggest fan of the High Tek I am a fan of black and white parallels especially if they are as limited as this one (15 copies) and Mike Trout in general.

The one good thing about the High Tek brand is that they are plastic cards which means that most are in better condition than the traditional cards and this one seems to be just to be in great condition. I see no issues other than maybe a very slightly frayed corner but you have to squint your eyes under a loop to see it. Here's to hoping and expecting another gem mint Trout card for my collection.

2016 Topps Chrome Clayton Kershaw MLB Debut Autograph (11/50)

Another beautiful Kershaw autograph looking to obtain a gold banner 9.5 for itself and other than 1 slight fraying issue and it being ever so off centered I see no reason why it can't earn it.

The centering issue can only really be seen under a loop as well as the fraying so I hope and think only one (lean towards corners) earns a 9 but still will keep my fingers crossed that both do not get downgraded. 

2012 Topps Archives Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph (11/25)

I love the look of this card and will love it even more if and when it comes back in a gold banner as it earned a 9.5 (or a 10). 

Autograph is spot on with no smudge or any other issue and while 1 corner under the loop shows a slight fuzziness it shouldn't prevent this to becoming another gem mint autograph of the best pitcher in baseball. 

2016 Stadium Club Clayton Kershaw Photo Variation

This Stadium Club Kershaw card is just like the other one in the batch as it also has a slight fraying issue on 2 corners BUT in this card's case it is very minimal and I think that sub grade will hold at a 9 and hopefully the other 3 subs will earn a 9.5. 

2014 Topps High Tek Clayton Kershaw Black and White Parallel (15/15)

Just like the black and white Tek card of Trout that is also in this batch I believe this card will gem as it is made or plastic which helps condition issues and under the loop I see nothing wrong with the card. If I could pare this and Trout as gem mints to the Koufax I already own that would be a nice little 3 card set considering the print run is just 15 for these parallels.

2016 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Gum Stain Back Variant

Before this year I never even "heard" of gum stain back variants and now I have a Kershaw and Trout in the same batch. Other than a slight off center job on the front there seems to be nothing wrong with this Kershaw one and I hope that my first venture into this variant lands me a gem mint return,

2014 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Action Pose Variation

Another Kershaw action variant from the Heritage brand and another that I hope squeaks by with a 9.5 but I am worried about the centering as it might be just a tad too far to the right to the liking of Beckett to give it a 9. There is also a corner with a small issue but that could only be seen under a loop so I don't "think" that will be an issue.

2009 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw Black Parallel (12/99)

The 1 card in the batch that will not see much price appreciation if and when it comes back as a 9.5. The only reason I added this to stack was due to the insane low price I got it for and it's a limited black parallel of Kershaw. 

There is 1 corner that might hurt that sub grades return but other than that this is a very clean card of the young superstar. 

2013 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager Refractor Parallel

I am going to keep trying to get a full rainbow in gem mint form and this is another stab by me to get that accomplished. 

I have this already in mint 9 form but am hoping this might squeak by but I am holding my breath. It is ever so off centered which I still think should earn a 9.5 but there is 1 corner that gives me concern. This was the best copy I could find prior to the batch submission and if it doesn't gem then I will keep trying till I get a return I like. Hopefully I don't have to but it is what it is.

2014 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Action Photo Variation

From a this screen shot this Trout Heritage in action form looks to be pretty good when it comes to centering but under the loop reveals that it is slightly off centered from top to bottom but I don't think enough to knock it down to a 9. There is also some fraying on a corner but also not enough I think to cause any grade issue.

2013 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager Purple Refractor Parallel (86/199)

Trying my luck once again with a purple parallel. This is the only numbered color from the 2013 BC set that I do not have in a gem mint grade. Will this be the one to finally earn that gold banner? We shall see as my other copy had terrible centering and earned an 8.5 for that sub grade. This one while not perfect is a lot better so I would say its safe to assume that centering earns at least a 9. With that and nothing else I can see wrong I am crossing my fingers for that gold banner. 

2013 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager Green Refractor Parallel

and yet another Corey Seager parallel from the 2013 Bowman Chrome set and my fingers continue to be crossed as I really want to have my project upgraded to all gem mints. This has been my favorite project to accomplish and I can see the finish line. Looking at this card under the loop the only thing I can see "wrong" with it is that it is ever so off centered. Of all the cards I am trying to get upgrades on this is the one I am most confident of a 9.5 return.

2014 Topps Chrome Mike Trout Photo Variation

Another Trout, another Trout photo variation and this one looks to come back as a 9.5 as long as the slightly off centered front does not hurt it too much. I have the Kershaw variation from this year and would love to pare it up with this in gold banner condition. Make it happen Beckett. 

2013 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw Autograph (59/99)

I landed this Kershaw auto on a great purchase from a friend on Instagram and I hope to turn into gold as the only thing I see wrong with it is a corner on the back side is a tad frayed. I think it shouldn't drop that sub to anything less than a 9 so hopefully everything else holds up and it comes back with a gold banner.

2016 Topps Clayton Kershaw Framed Parallel (12/16)

I expect me streak to continue with this card and hopefully Beckett will cooperate with that mentality.

All of the framed parallels that I have picked up of Trout, Seager and Kershaw have all been submitted to BGS and each and everyone has come back with a gold banner with even 1 earning an overall 10. With this being yet another metal card I expect corners, centering and edges to be a non issue and under the loop I saw nothing wrong with the surface. So here's to another expected gold banner.

2016 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Gum Stain Back Variant 

Hoping that both my gum stain variants come back in gem mint form but if 1 was more of a sure thing it would be this Trout one over the Kershaw version. I saw nothing wrong with and if you look at it here it looks almost dead on centered and under the loop is where you see that seems to be the only flaw of the card as it is ever so off centered. Gold banner or bust BGS.

2013 Bowman Chrome Mini Blue Refractor Parallel (7/99)

I still think I am crazy in doing not 1, not 2 but 3 rainbow projects for Corey Seager but if I ever do accomplish it I would be so proud in doing it as it is an insane project. 

Well this is the mini blue and other than it being slightly off centered I believe there are no other problems as I saw nothing under the loop. I think it gems and if so I am dreaming of a tri gold rainbow.

2013 Bowman Chrome Mini Corey Seager X-Fractor Parallel (99/100)

Another Corey mini in the batch and another expectant gem mint 9.5 as well.

I have always had issues on measuring centering on a computer screen when it comes to X-Fractors and this one was no different but it looked good enough to take a chance on it. Once it came in and I placed it under a loop it looks to only be slightly off centered but not enough to hinder the overall grade. Of course that is my opinion so lets hope Beckett shares the same view.

2014 Topps Tribute Clayton Kershaw Pink Autograph (27/45)

I am not a fan of pink cards and the only reason I nabbed this one is that it has an autograph of Dodger great Clayton Kershaw. That said I can live with the color if BGS slaps on a 9.5 or 10 on it and from my analysis it looks like there is nothing that should stop that from happening. We shall see. 

2016 Topps Chrome Corey Seager Blue Wave Refractor Parallel (50/75)

One corner... that is all that is potentially holding this back from a gem mint 9.5 return. Of course I think that issue is small and in the end it will indeed earn a gold banner from Beckett as there is nothing else wrong on the card. Being a print run of just 75 it's important that this comes back as a gem as there are only so many copies to acquire to get a grade I need. 

2016 Clayton Kershaw Photo Variation Green Refractor Parallel (78/99)

Just like the Seager from this year's Topps Chrome set I only see a slightly fraying on one corner that can hurt the return on this parallel of Mr. Kershaw.

Unlike the Corey one though this one's corner is even more faint and less of an issue than Corey's and even though I believe they both come back as gems if I had to chose one that was more of a sure thing it would be this one. With that said if only one could earn a gold banner I would take the Seager over Kershaw. 

2016 Topps Heritage Mike Trout Mini Parallel (50/100)

This would be a nice coup if this mini Trout comes back with a gold banner and I believe it happens more than it won't.

I love minis and I love the Heritage brand and this card only seems to have one small issue as a corner on the backside is ever so slightly not sharpie sharp. I don't think that will be that big of an issue and I expect a 9.5 from Beckett. 

2016 Topps Chrome Corey Seager Autograph Purple Refractor Parallel (207/250)

Unlike Kershaw autographs I want/need all my Seager ones to be in gem mint form. That could chance down the road if his career starts to be on course for a Hall of Fame possiblity like Kershaw's is. Till then give me gold and only gold.

Other than 1 corner that has ever the smallest issue I see nothing wrong with this card. The autograph is a sure thing as a 10 and I believe everything else should check in so hopefully this will be yet another Topps Chrome gem for my collection. 

2016 Topps Chrome Clayton Kershaw Photo Variation

A great deal which I hope turns into a great looking card in a golden case as I see nothing wrong with this Kershaw photo variation. 

I snagged it on an eBay steal and would love to continue the golden run of my Kershaw variations and think this one will join that club with ease. 

2014 Topps High Tek Clayton Kershaw Autograph Black and White Parallel (5/15)

Unlike a couple of other Kershaw autographs in this batch I did not submit this to BGS for a raw card review and that is because I believe that there is no way (knock on wood) that this does not earn at least a 9.5. 

With the naked eye or under the loop there is nothing I can see wrong with this card. A 9.5 return would make this card's acquisition even sweeter is that the seller who is based in Asia "discouraged" buyers to purchase this card as he stated in his ad it is not perfect and look elsewhere if you want something like that. Well I am not looking for perfect just gem mint. Make it so Beckett. 

2014 Topps High Tek Clayton Kershaw Red Storm Diffractor Parallel (7/10)

What would make this red parallel even better is it earns at least a 9.5 from Beckett as I snagged this on an eBay auction for what seemed like pennies. To be honest if it does I might/probably will flip it back on eBay and acquire some autograph of my core 4. Other than a corner on the back of the card there does not seem to be any other issue so hopefully I see a gold banner attached to this limited beauty.

2013 Topps Chrome Clayton Sepia Refractor Parallel (91/99)

I put these sepia parallels in the same boat as the black and white parallels. Even though sometimes they are not numbered (this one is) I want to have them all as I just like the contrast from the traditional colored cards. 

While this card's value will not be overly affected by a 9.5 from BGS I like them in cases and think this one earns that grade even though centering is a tad off but not too much to downgrade that sub to an 8.5. 

2016 Allen Ginter Mike Trout Mini Brooklyn Parallel (24/25)

I have had great luck from BGS when it has come to mini Ginter cards of Mike Trout and I expect that trend to continue with the ones in this batch.

This is the limited (25 print run) Brooklyn back from this year's release which replaces the flag backs from previous years with the same print run. Both of those earned gold banners and I expect this one to join that group.

2016 Allen Ginter Mike Trout Mini EXT Variant

Another Trout Ginter and another one with a high expectation when it comes to the grade it will earn. 

I see nothing wrong with this card under a loop as everything checks out with no problems so hopefully this limited EXT variant will be encased in a gold banner just as its Brooklyn brother that I believe will come back with the same result. 

2016 Allen Ginter Clayton Kershaw EXT Mini Parallel

Love these mini Ginters and the only then I love more is when they are encased in a gem mint 9.5 case which is what I expect this Kershaw card to be in.

I picked this up from a friend and was not disappointed when it reached my house as I see nothing wrong with this and hope this will be an addition to my long running great luck in Ginter returns from Beckett.

2016 Allen Ginter Corey Seager EXT Mini Parallel

A lot of minis in this batch and the Corey has the majority of them. Among them are a lot of Ginters and like the others I believe this one does not have a significant flaw to stop it from earning an overall grade of at least a 9.5.

Even though Ginters are of the paper variety I seem to have more luck than not when I submit them for grading and hope it continues with this one as since these EXT are limited I do not want to search for another one if this somehow received a grade I do not like. I'm saying it won't. = )

2013 Bowman Chrome Mini Corey Seager Green Refractor Parallel (73/75)  

One of the few cards in the batch that I think has a legit chance at coming back as a pristine 10 as everything checks out except for centering which is maybe 51,52/49,48 as it is almost perfectly centered. There are no corner issues, nor edge problems and surface is clean. Can it earn a 10? Sure but if it doesn't I see no way it doesn't earn at minimum a strong 9.5

2016 Topps Chrome Mike Trout Photo Variation Green Parallel (21/99)

Other than the cards being shiny the best thing about chrome cards are that they usually come out of the pack in better condition than their paper brothers. This one is no different.

While green is not my favorite color being numbered under 100 at the same time it being a photo variation of Mike trumps the color being just meh to me. When I received this I hoped it would be in gem mint condition and to me that is what I see as there is not a flaw that I can see. Hope to add this to my growing gem mint photo variation collection of Trout. 

2009 Topps Heritage Clayton Kershaw Autograph

Even though I am sure that there will be plenty of gem mint 9.5's coming back my way in the batch at least I am guaranteed that this one will be one of them as after 3 times through the raw grading service I finally got this autograph bumped up to a gold banner. 

I need either the corners or centering to receive an extra .5 and while I agreed the corners would never receive it I was adamant that centering should be gem and finally a grader agreed with me. My baby face Kershaw autograph now joins the gem mint portion of my collection.

2012 Bowman Chrome/2016 Topps Chrome Corey Seager 8x10 Autograph Purple Parallel (10/10)

Unlike other cards that went through the raw card review process this one HAD to go through before going to Dallas to get slabbed. Why? Because of its size which if you want encased is an extra charge which I did not want to spend if I wasn't guaranteed a gem mint return. Hopes of pristine return were dashed but I just love that instead of the traditional sealed label they attach to cards this one earned a sticky instead. Ha Ha. I expect when this comes back that the corners will be lowest of the sub grades but either way I have the only (at this moment) graded jumbo of the Dodgers budding superstar. 

2015 Topps Supreme Clayton Kershaw Printing Plate Autograph (1/1)

Well this card is the final one of the massive batch and why is the final entry? Kershaw, autograph, 1 of freaking 1, gem mint, low expectations and high returns. Plenty to love about this "card" as I expected this to barely squeak by with a 9 if that at all but instead it returned to me from the RCR event as a gem mint 9.5. Is it a strong or weak 9.5? Don't know and don't care as printing plates are notorious for quality issues and with it being a true 1 of 1 and a gold label slapped on it now I am immensely happy with it. 

While there might a pristine return in this batch (fingers always crossed) that is not a guarantee where this Kershaw is and it being what it is this to me is the best return of the batch at the present moment.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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