Friday, October 7, 2016

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Strata : Clayton Kershaw Clearly Authentic Relic Autograph Black Parallel (48/50) BGS Graded Mint 9.0

$33 really?

I might be harping on it or possibly overselling the low price but that is what I paid for this certified mint copy Kershaw autograph. In my eyes when you can acquire an on card autograph of the best pitcher in baseball for this amount you do it every single time you have a chance.

I don't know if people were scared off because it is just a 9 with no chance at a gem mint 9.5 but when I put my token bid in at the last second and won it a few moments later I couldn't believe it. I say token because I already have a black parallel just like this one which is at Beckett now getting graded. I didn't really need two of the same but there were 2 reasons why I placed my bid. 1, if I was to win it I would then own a blue jersey relic (this one) and a red jersey relic (the one at Beckett) which means there is enough difference that it wouldn't bother me. If they were both just plain ole white swatches I would have sold off the ungraded one. Secondly my bid was really really low (just a tad over the $33 winning price) and like I said if you can win a Kershaw autograph for a low price you do it.

I did not expect to win this card but obviously I'm glad I did. I think people were asleep at the wheel on this one or maybe there just isn't that much love for the Strata brand but that is fine with me as I scored a deal and up my Kershaw autograph collection by one on my way to my eventual 100 goal.

When 9 is fine

Ten everyday

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  1. Wow, what a steal! I'd pay that any day for a Kershaw auto!

    1. Yeah.. couldnt believe that no one else put in a higher bid. Auction ended at 715 PST which is "early" for us but assumed some east coast person would have swooped in.

  2. Ok, this might be the lowest sale for a Kershaw auto in the last four years! Simply amazing. Nice patch too.