Saturday, October 22, 2016

Card of the Day - 2016 Stadium Club : Clayton Kershaw Base Black and White Parallel

Man I am so glad I landed yet another great gold parallel of .... hold on, that doesn't look gold to me. Did I post the wrong card? Yeah... no. Man do I love eBay auctions where the seller mislabels his cards and/or doesn't know what he has in his hands and this is yet another example of me swooping in and grabbing a deal.

I was not interested in the gold parallel in the 2016 Stadium Club set but as always I love me some black and white versions whether they are numbered or not (these are not). The gold ones book from $2.50-6 while the black and whites check in from $12-30. This particular card came up on one of my generic searches and I saw that the seller labeled and described this as the gold parallel which it's not. I crossed my fingers hoping that people would be misled and just move on and not look at the picture which clearly showed the black and white parallel. On the final day of the auction the current high price was a tad over $2 and looking to be a steal for me if I could snipe it at the very end. My bid with 2 seconds left my high bid and the winning one to boot at less than a lunch at Del Taco. Yup, a handful of dollars less than low book is what this card cost me. Next I hope it would come in good enough condition to send to BGS for grading and in hand it looks to qualify. Thank you again Mr. eBay seller for mismanaging your auction.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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