Friday, April 14, 2017

Bobblehead of the Day - Clayton Kershaw 2016 MVP/Cy Young Awards Signed Bobblehead (#/22)

As many of you know I set out to own 100 autographs of Clayton and I have climbed over the 70 barrier and this is one of the few that are not on a Topps licensed card. I got out of the bobble game awhile ago and had no intention of ever getting back into it but then my friend Greg of Plaschkethysweaterisargyle fame showed off his signed bobble of Mr. Kershaw and I instantly got jealous and decided I wanted one to call my own. Problem was is that Greg was lucky enough to get his in person and I have zero luck in meeting Clayton face to face so I knew that would be an almost impossibility of happening for me. Now here is where the fun comes in and stubbornness from a seller landed me this for a lot less than I know the seller wanted to let it go for.

A local card shop has a contract with Clayton and had him sign various bobbles for them to sell but I knew this was the one I really wanted as it shows Clayton with the MVP and Cy Young awards he won in 2015. A rare feat for a pitcher and something that might not happen again for a generation. The seller had another one of these on a traditional auction on eBay and I ended up losing out on it as the selling price exceeded my set ceiling. Though I had more than enough funds from sales I didn't want to pay over a certain amount. After the sale I contacted the seller as he had other copies of this same bobble on BIN OBO auctions and I stated the previous price of an auction (months prior to me wanting one) that it sold for but he rebuffed me with the statement that he couldn't let one go again for that low amount. Oh well. Couple weeks passed and he put this one up on another traditional auction. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. To keep the story short I ended up winning this not only for less than the 1st one I lost out on BUT also less than the other one sold for months ago at the price I was willing to pay. A lot less too. Stubborn eBayer seller lost out on some moola. His loss is my gain.

So with the Seager and Kershaw bobblehead acquisitions will I be collecting bobbles full time once again? No. I had an itch for this one and picked up Seager just because but I do not foresee me acquiring any more bobbles anytime soon but I do cherish these two.

Another beautiful autograph for the Kershaw collection.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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