Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Card of the Day - 2017 Topps Heritage : Clayton Kershaw Base Chrome Blue Refractor Parallel (36/68)

Other than the autographs in the Heritage brand my other quest are to acquire players I collect in the limited black chrome refractor parallels they release every year. Of course this year Topps threw everyone a curve and instead of Black they went with Blue. I love Blue and all but now the set wont be color coordinated through the years as everything is Black but the 2017 ones. Of course that didn't and won't stop me from acquiring them.

Of the 3 players (Seager and Trout being the others) Kershaw is the "cheapest" to snag when it comes to these parallels and this year was no different. Also not surprisingly one of my favorite eBayer sellers is a case breaker of the Heritage brand and like the last 2 years he had one of these Blue (Black in previous years) up for sale and I was able to pick it up with no hassle and no money out of pocket which always makes it sweeter. Now hopefully like in previous years this will grade out to a 9.5 like all the others. More chance than not it will but I am a tad concerned with one corner that is chipping but it's not too bad so there is hope for a gold banner.


Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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