Friday, April 28, 2017

March 2017 BGS Submission Result Number FIVE of FORTY-TWO - 2016 Topps Corey Seager Team Glove Leather Autograph (16/25) Now BGS Graded Near Mint Mint Plus 8.5

Maybe it's because I am not the biggest fan of the look of this card that I am not overly mad about this low grade. Or maybe it's because I cracked it open and already resold it for $20 more than I "paid" for it. And lastly maybe it's because I picked up another Seager autograph that is already in a BGS 9.5 case with those funds that this 8.5 is just an unfortunate casualty in this batch.

Corners once again were the main issue with this card as they came back with an 8. Again, I can see a thick card earning an 8.5 maybe but anything lower is either my fault for not seeing something or something happened in Dallas with the card. With all that said I am happy that I was able to recoup my funds and then some with this card and snagged a replacement for my collection. Bye Bye 8.5. It was ice having you for a moment.

Again with the corners

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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