Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bobblehead of the Day - Corey Seager Oklahoma City Version (#/2000)

Look at what I went and acquired. Yup, it's a bobblehead and even though I swore to myself that I would not collect these again I could not escape the itch to own this and another one. More on that tomorrow. (edit: the Kershaw one from Friday was what I was alluding to)

I got out of the bobblehead game a couple years ago and was content and happy with my decision but when I saw a particular one (Friday's post) I had to snag that it and decided to get this one as well for the purpose of hopefully having Corey sign it and hopefully in short time if all plans work as I hope they will.

With the intention of getting a bobble signed by the young star I wanted one that was not your "typical" one and this OKC one fits that description to a "T". The Seager one given away at Dodger Stadium is nice and all but does not have a good base for Corey to sign. Also the production run on that one is 50K. That is a lot of bobbles. Well I remembered that Oklahoma City distributed a limited edition one and found out it only had a production run of just 2000 even though were not individually numbered. On top of that the actual bobble stands atop a great base for an autograph. Decision was made and off I went looking for one and snagged this for a deal. Now the plan is to hopefully have Seager attend DodgerFest this year (obviously didn't happen) and if so have him sign it at that time. If not I might be heading out to Arizona and will try there. Either way the reason I snagged this is because of the itch I had to scratch for Kershaw bobble.

Corey's backside

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  1. OMG, you got one! I am a self-admitted bobble addict, and you better be careful...once you start it's hard to say "No." I love the OKC bobbles, especially because of the scarcity. I also have the Kershaw one from the year before