Monday, April 10, 2017

Card of the Day - 2016 Topps Chrome : Corey Seager Base Sapphire Parallel Edition (#/250)

Greg, Daniel and various other friends have gotten their hands on a copy of this beautiful Seager Sapphire parallel and I was jealous. I wanted one to call my own but too many other things were on my plate to put my full attention on this one. What made it worse was that my friends scored immense deals on their copies and I was afraid I wouldn't get the same deal. While I didn't get it for free (you know who you are amigo) I felt that in the end I did pretty good for myself.

I was going to be content on landing a raw version of this and submitting it to Beckett for grading but held out hope that possibly a graded version would pop up at some time. At the time of this showing up their was a raw version but I decided to try my luck on the graded one. It originally was on a BIN auction but I contacted the seller to see what his best price was. He responded a day later at 33% less that his asking price. Fair but I didn't have the funds for it and felt that I could score a better deal for the raw one. Couple weeks go by and I notice this fell off my live watch list and relisted as a traditional auction. Guess his asking price was too much for people. Typical 7 day auction and I was all over it. Couldn't believe that on the final day that its high bid was miles away from his asking price. I put my bid in at the last moment and snagged this bad boy for a little over 60% less than his BIN auction price and almost 50% off his "best" price he gave me. He must have been pissed considering that on top "losing" it for that amount he still had to pay eBay costs. What even made this sweeter was a couple days later another raw version sold on eBay for $10 more than this one. I scored one hell of a deal if I do say so myself.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. You're so lucky to have this! I've been trying to get a copy myself, but the price for Seager is insane, so I just picked up the Kersawh instead.

    1. Another off season acquisition when demand is lower. You see 2011 Trout Update prices? Crazy town