Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Card of the Day and Trade with Fellow Blogger - 2008 SP : Matt Kemp By The Letter Autograph " M " ( 61 / 99 )

This past Saturday I was in Anaheim to acquire an in person autograph of Big Daddy Cecil Fielder as seen HERE but I also was there to complete a trade with fellow ex blogger Josh aka DodgerBobble. Josh couldn't make the trip but he informed me that his buddy Franz would also be attending the signing event and he would do the trade with me.

As shown in numerous posts I am still trying to complete the 25 piece Matt Kemp set from the 2008 SP set. I went looking for more letters on the net and saw that Josh had posted about one a couple years ago. I reached out to him to see if he would be willing to trade it to me. Luckily for me Josh informed me that he was getting out of the card aspect of the hobby and that he would gladly trade it to me. We agreed that two blank ROMLB would be sufficient for the card. Franz and I met up after the Cecil signing and made the swap. I acquired a much needed letter ( as I need two M's ) and Josh picked up some inventory backup. Win win for both of us. Thank you again Josh.

1 of the 2 needed M's for the project

61 of 99