Monday, July 21, 2014

BGS Submission Update Two - 2013 Bowman Sterling : Julio Urias Base Autograph Now Graded and Slabbed a Gem Mint 9.5

The second of 6 BGS submission results has Julio here coming in second worst. Considering I thought it would be the worst of the 6 I guess I should be happy it wasn't at the bottom of pile. I am and I'm not.

As stated in the submission post I expected this to be the one card that I expected not to come back gem mint but was surprised and happy that it did. Of course if this card is shown this early in the week you know I had to have some issue with it. As with yesterday's post involving Joc Pederson, Julio also came back with a mint grade of 9 on the autograph. That is now 4 autograph cards in the last two batches to come back with that grade. WTH BGS? The only reason I am not as disappointed with this outcome as I was with the Joc card is that I expected this one to grade out as a mint which means it was better than I thought it was which is always a plus and I really really really wanted the Joc card to be gem mint all around. 

Well I guess I can always submit Julio's twin here and see what I get but I probably will restrain myself from doing that.

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