Monday, March 9, 2015

BGS Raw Card Review Submission From March 7, 2015 Update Number 1 - 2012 Allen and Ginter Yu Darvish Mini Frame Autograph

This past Saturday I submitted 15 cards to BGS to get a raw grade review in the hope that I would send most if not all to their main office to get them fully slabbed. Realistically I knew that all would not make the trip but a man can wish can't he?

For the next 20 days or so I will recap about the results on the cards that I submitted and I will include my original thoughts from the submission post in red. So with all that said today's and tomorrow's post will feature the two cards I resubmitting in the hope I would earn a better grade.

Card ungraded back in the day

The problem I have with this card is not the overall grade which can't be improved but the autograph grade. The reasons that BGS normally downgrades an auto is if it streaks, smears, is faded or runs to the edge of the card. None of that is happening here and I think the grader made a mistake. I am cracking this open and expecting/hoping to bump up the auto grade with someone other than the original grader. A 10 holds a much better value than a 9 (obviously) so if I ever wanted to resell it help. If I don't get my desired grade then I will hold onto it in ungraded form.

Result and thoughts :

We that was a bust.
My 1st time ever doing a resubmit and I end up with the card coming back with the same grade it went in with. 

I still do not understand why the auto grade is earning a 9 as it does not do any of the things (streak, go to the edge, fading) that typically drops the grade from a 10 to a 9. It was my hope that having a different person look at the card would change the grade but I guessed wrong. 

My intention was to sell this card if it did not come back with a 10 auto and that is exactly what I am/did do. With the funds from the sale I will be picking up a nice limited Corey Seager card that I have had my eyes on for quite some time. I am sure I will circle back around some time this year to pick up a Darvish autograph for the collection. With him getting injured this past weekend I suspect the value of his autograph will go down and that is when I will swoop in for a deal.

One down 14 to go.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


  1. I keep staring at it looking for flaws, but I got nothing. Is it pretty consistent with other Darvish autos that you've seen. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Is their a way for Beckett to answer your questions?

    1. They don't give you an answer just grades. Also with "raw" grades they don't give you sub grades unless you get them fully slabbed. While the 1st 3 (out of 15) were disappointing in the end it was a GREAT day. You shall see
      = )

  2. Smart move. And you're right, if Darvish misses the whole season, his autographs may go down as collectors "forget" about him.

    1. Literally just sold for $100 on the bay.
      Picking up a colored parallel of Seager from 2013 Bowman Chrome
      = )