Thursday, March 26, 2015

BGS Raw Card Review Submission From March 7, 2015 Update Number 14 - 2011 Allen and Ginter Clayton Kershaw Bazooka Mini

Original pic and thoughts :

2011 Allen and Ginter Bazooka Mini

Now for the six cards that I just "know" will grade out to a gem mint 9.5. Of course I've said that before and some have come back lower but on the other hand I have thought some cards would crap out on me but they received a 9.5 instead so you just never know.

This Bazooka card is numbered out of 25 and I so love these low numbered cards to earn 9.5's as if you have one chances are they can't all be perfect so you could have one of only a handful. This being Kershaw just wants me to have gold banner even more. 

Result and thoughts :

I wanted a gold banner for this card and basically expected it. It earning a 10 though was not on my mind but I am not gonna turn it down.

With this card being numbered to only 25 I made the decision to include it into this batch as I usually want all my numbered Kershaws to be graded. As with yesterday's Urias card I am more than happy that it came back with a perfect 10 and now the only question is did it earn a black label 10 or an old plain 10? Either way it doesn't matter to me (yes I would prefer black label) as anytime you can add a 10 to your collection, especially one that you didn't expect, it is a good day. 

So with this being number 14 in the 15 card batch what possibly could keep a Kershaw card from the top spot? Check in tomorrow.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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