Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Card of the Day - 2011 Gypsy Queen : Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph w/Relic (21/25)

Yesterday I showcased the "throw in" or bonus if you like of the Gypsy Queen Kershaw package that I recently acquired. While that "leather" card is nice and I did want to have a unique new card of Kid K this is the card I was after since I first saw it online back in November. Now months later it is finally mine.

I have and always will be partial to black and/or blue bordered cards so when I first laid my eyes on this beauty I knew I had to try to acquire it. Since it is limited to only 25 and if you know how to work around eBay you can track the card's history which is what I did. This is the only copy ever to be on eBay as of today and this seller originally bought it from another seller who received it from Topps via the redemption program. The seller I received it from kept trying to sell it with him lowering and raising the price on a weekly basis with no luck. I found out later that he tried to trade it offline as well but that deal fell through. I kept in contact with him and had the funds pile growing for some time and waited and hoped it wouldn't sell. One day he dropped the price drastically and I jumped all over it. The card was finally mine.

As with all my Kershaw autograph cards I want them to at least grade out to a mint 9 with no autograph issues. On the posted picture online this card looked to be in very good condition with a chance of a gem mint grade. Once the card was in hand I got to examine it closer and while I think it will still get a mint 9 my hopes of gem mint have been diminished a tad. Corners, centering and edges look great. All should grade out well BUT the surface has some minor scratches. If that grade can hold to a 9 then I should be able to earn an overall 9.5 but if not I will have a spiffy 9 and that isn't bad.

Another autograph of Kershaw and couldn't be happier as being told "no" to our deal back in December was the best thing that could have happened for the transaction. Able to acquire Urias autograph at a discount and no money out of pocket and then score the two cards I was really after back then for a deal today. Win win for the Penguin.

21 of 25

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


  1. Framed autos are awesome. I've picked up a lot of the Pirates over the years.

    That is a beautiful Kershaw. The jersey autos were super rare and hard to find on the secondary market. Congrats!

    1. This is actually my first Gypsy as I concentrate on A/G. I have never seen this before and with only 25 copies and them being redemptions I didnt know if I would ever see one again. Ty

  2. I just got one of these myself. Your Kershaw collection is looking pretty good. Not quite as good as mine, but still very nice ;-)