Thursday, March 19, 2015

State of the Dodgers : Dodger Social Rewards Update 1.1 MILLION and counting

Another 100k threshold has been reached and passed and I am still in 1st and I actually increased my lead. I punched in my points everyday but noticed he did not a few times hence the widening gap between us. Of course with baseball season almost here we shall see if the first person to cross the 1.2 million mark is me or him.

Last year there was a "glitch" that allowed certain (not just one) people to earn points when they shouldn't have and that was when I was passed on the leader board and I was perched in 2nd place for a few months. Once the season was over I plugged away and retook my spot on top of the program. The question now is did MLB/Dodgers fix that little issue or will I be knocked out of 1st once again and then use the whole off season climbing back up the ladder? Hopefully the former and not the latter but we shall see.

Once again the Dodgers had some more prizes they were giving away and yet again I came away empty handed. I really don't think I will ever win anything in this program but I just noticed that they are "giving" away personalized Instagram posts. I have almost 600 tokens, yes 600, and this Instagram "giveaway" only costs 5 tokens. Like they say you can't take it with you when you die so I am going to go and get me a personalized post from the Dodgers. At least I can saw I got something. Ha.

As always I will not be giving up my dream of sometime winning something of "note" on this program but if I don't I want to maintain my status as number one in the world in something. Lol.

Thank you as always and have a blessed day.


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