Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trade with Fellow Blogger : Kyle of Nolan's Dugout

I love how my presence online is getting just a little bigger each month as fellow bloggers and/or Twitter friends are reaching out to me for trades. I guess my trade bait list actually was a good thing when I spent a day making it up as Kyle contacted me about some cards on the list that he was interested in.

Kyle runs Nolan's Dugout and though I have never dealt with him before I was more than happy to meet a new internet friend and do a trade. He picked out a few Yankee cards that he desired and asked what I would like back. I wasn't that picky and I ended up with 3 cards for the batch I sent him.

Kyle ended up with a Ruth "relic" card so I ended up with a Kershaw "relic" card.

I have actually owned this card in the past and now I am an owner of it once again. It really doesn't fit anywhere in my collection so it is available for trade if anyone is interested in it. You might ask why would I take something that I had no "use" for? Because I wasn't attached to the cards I traded and I want to help others when and if I can.

The second of three cards I received is a blue beauty.

2011 Bowman Chrome Base Blue Parallel

130 of 150

I do love me some horizontal cards and Kershaw's wingspan is on full display here on this great looking card. Even though Kershaw is my main player to collect now the following card was my main get out of the trade.

Kyle (like Luis a couple months ago) must have read my mind as they both seemed to know that I am trying to collect the rainbow set for Corey and I had not come across this card in my eBay searches for a reasonable price. Acquiring this card via trade is so much better anyways. I can tell this card is a little off centered but everything else looks good so when I submit it to Beckett for a raw grade review when they are back in my area in a few months I think it will come back with a bare minimum of a mint 9 grade and that is all I ask.

That is the all from my side of the trade and Kyle may or may not blog about the trade but thanks go out to him again for contacting me and completing our first trade together. Hopefully it is not out last. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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