Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Contest Winnings From A . . . Credit Card ???

This is a first for me but I am sure it will happen again and probably has happened to a lot of you. I entered a contest late last year and totally forgot that I did. Mastercard sent out a Tweet that if you retweeted that Tweet you would be entered into a Dodger specific prized contest. I also guess it was only for season ticket holders as this is what I received yesterday from them :

Whaaaat ???
I won some Dodger cash to be used for parking, tickets or merchandise. Well I'll take that any day of the week. I totally forgot what the prizes were so I had to look up what the first place prize was and the overall grand prize. 1st place won $100 worth of Dodger cash which isn't too much more than what I won so no biggie but the grand prize would have been grand indeed as if you were lucky enough to have your named pulled for that you would have won $1000 in Dodger cash. That would have been nice but I am not complaining as I have won/been given $75 in free money to be used at Dodger stadium. I might pare it up with my season ticket holder discount and buy a jersey or maybe just buy the wife a couple of rum beverages so she can tolerate the team when we are there. LOL.

A $5
A $10
Another $10
and so on.

Since I don't really have anyone specific I can say thank you to I guess I will say thanks to the Dodger and Mastercard corporations for partnering up on a contest that I was fortunate enough to win. The money will be used wisely. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! I say you get a jersey! Or a couple of new fitted caps! They better not say you can only use one voucher per transaction.

    1. I was thinking hats as well double with my discount. Agreed but I looked on the back of ticket and it doesnt say you cant so I assume I can

  2. Buy the wife some rum drinks then she won't notice when you buy a jersey with your own money.

    1. Agreed
      Keep wife distracted and she wont notice more Dodger gear
      coming into the house until its too late.
      = )

    2. Sweet winnings can never beat free cash or discounts and I agree with Matt on this one. I was lucky enough to score two jerseys a few years back for under 175 all because they had issues with the app and gave customers 50% off with a premium subscription. I ended buying an allstar wright jersey and a discontinued Johan jersey.

    3. 80+ for an authentic jersey is a hell of a bargain.
      I was thinking of paring the bucks with my 25% discount but probably will just make sure wife is happy