Friday, March 27, 2015

BGS Raw Card Review Submission From March 7, 2015 Update Number 15 - 2014 Bowman Chrome Kris Bryant Base Autograph

Original pic and thoughts :

2014 Bowman Chrome

The one of the six that I think are border line but the one most likely to pull out a 9.5 overall grade. I picked this up on a trade/purchase with my good friend Jesse with the intention of submitting it and getting a gem mint card of the supposed next Cub's superstar. As I told Jesse there is only one "issue" that I saw with the card but unlike the Five Star and Stratas the one corner in question is not as blatant. Thinking here is that it grades out to a 9.5 but keeping my expectations tempered.

Result and thoughts :

BAM !!!

A pristine 10 of a super prospect. You just can't ask for more. 

As stated up above I picked this up on a trade/purchase with my friend Jesse back in Dec./Jan. as I wanted an autograph card of this Cubs prospect. When in hand I expected it to grade out to a gem mint as I saw one corner under the magnifier that gave me a slight pause to anything higher. Well BGS says here that there is no flaw and gave it a perfect 10 with the same grade on the autograph (which I wasn't really worried about). 

Sales of this card have gone over $600 and my wife who calls these 10's minty fresh or winter fresh wants me to sell it. Guess she wants a new purse. Lol. I have no intention at this moment to unload this even though it is tempting with that 10 attached to it but I am going to roll with it and see how he does when/if he gets called up this year. There is not a shortage of these as this one will be at least number 62 in the pristine club but the demand is big enough to continue to drive this card's price higher and higher. Now if this comes back a black label pristine 10 then I might really have to think about selling it but I shall see when and if that time comes.

Well, that's it of the submission batch and starting sometime next month I will be posting the final update on each card that got shipped to BGS for slabbing. I already have at least 15 more cards ready for the next raw grading event and can't wait. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Man, that card would be hard not to sell. Bryant is a great prospect on a big market team, but the hype machine is very strong. He has superstar capabilities, but he does strikeout a lot and is an average defender. While that is totally nitpicking I guess it is worth considering. That is why I could never be a prospector.

    Also found it funny that Bryant is older than Bryce Harper.

    1. By the way I'll give you $20 for the card :)

    2. Ill take that $20 as a down payment to the $700
      I got it on a great deal and was lucky to get a 10.
      I actually went and acquired a numbered refractor AND a 1/1 autograph of Joc Pederson and will be selling this when it comes in next week. Will cover those costs.
      Even though the refractor is only 9.5 rather have it numbered unlike this one and love my 1/1 as well.
      Sell high, buy low

  2. Sweet card. Me personally I'd sell while the prices high. Don't know how much higher prices can go

    1. Agreed.
      Selling it once it comes back from BGS next week
      Already picked up two separate cards for the expected sale.
      Still, considering what I traded/paid for it I lucked out big time

  3. I'll treat you to anything on the menu at Rod's for this. Deal? Cool. Deal!

    1. What... I was asleep ...did you say something? No? K, back to bed

  4. WOW... That is an insane card! Sell now before he hits .200 in the majors this year!

    1. Can't beat that as my best of the 15 card submission UNLESS it comes back 4x 10 which i will see next week. Already planned to be put on eBay next week. Picked up two cards for the expected funds I get for this one. 2 for 1's are always nice