Tuesday, March 17, 2015

BGS Raw Card Review Submission From March 7, 2015 Update Number 7 - 2013 Bowman Chrome Corey Seager Base Black Refractor Parallel

Original pic and thoughts

2013 Bowman Chrome Black Parallel

Unlike the purple parallel I think this black parallel has a decent chance at a pristine grade. Centering is almost 50/50, surface looks clean, corners are extra sharp and the edges look problem free. I have only had one card come back in pristine condition and this would be a great second one but if not I can not see this getting anything less than a strong 9.5. Either way me going this route for a gem mint grade of this card is better (cheaper) than the one I missed out on earlier on eBay. 

Result and thoughts :

Well I missed out on the only other black Seager to ever earn a gem mint grade but now there is two as this one joins the gem mint club. This was a late (last) addition to the submission batch as I did not receive it in the mail until the week of the event but thankfully I did as I now will have it back in a 9.5 slab.

Going in I really thought that his had a chance at coming back as pristine so we shall see how close it was in a month when it comes back with all the sub grades visible. This obviously is my most valuable non autograph card of Seager now as it is numbered out of only 15. When this kid hits it big this card will probably hit at least $200 on the aftermarket. I have no intention of selling it but I love knowing the potential value of all my cards. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


  1. Sweet! I gotta meet you at the next raw grading event. I don't do it, but it sounds really intriguing.

    1. Its fun but anxious as you drop off at 930-10ish and then wait for a few hours then hope to get gold banners. Next week results are just plain out nasty good.
      = )