Tuesday, March 10, 2015

BGS Raw Card Review Submission From March 7, 2015 Update Number 2 - 2013 Topps Five Star Miguel Cabrera Base Autograph Rainbow Parallel

Original pictures and thoughts :

Ungraded form.

Unlike the Yu card there is nothing wrong with Miguel's autograph but his card here is only .5 from earning a gem mint grade. Now common knowledge is that corners are hard to bump up to another grade on a resubmission but I am going to take that risk. The good thing about this card is if it comes back as a 9 again I will end up selling it and using those funds to buy another Cabrera autograph in gem mint form at no extra charge. 

Of the two resubmitted cards (Yu Darvish being the other) Miguel here is the one I really wanted to get that bump to a higher grade. But it was not meant to be as just like Yu, Miguel came back with the "exact" same grade as it went in with. 

It's probably the same exact grade as unlike when cards get the full submission treatment, raw grading only gives you the final grade not all the sub grades. Either way this card came back with an overall 9 which irks me but at the same time I knew that getting bumps on cards are more miss than hit.  

The question is now, do I sell it or keep it? My original thought was to sell it but I may just keep it and for now that is what I am doing. Unlike most of the other cards I did not send this one back to Dallas to get fully slabbed (again) and it will stay in this form for the time being. 

I probably will never do the resubmit routine again as these were the 1st 2 I ever did and both came back with unwanted results. Of course that could change in the future but as of today this was the 1st and last time I do this. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.

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