Sunday, March 29, 2015

Card of the Day - 2013 Topps Museum : Al Kaline / Prince Fielder Dual Autograph (12/15)

Believe or not I found this card because I was looking for an autograph of Prince and not of Hall of Fame member Al. I came away with a great looking signed card of both for a lot less than it's worth.

I have always enjoyed watching Prince swing the bat and I think he will have a bounce back year in 2015 with the Rangers. His power from the left side will love that short porch in right. I have been looking to reacquire Prince's autograph for some time now but could never find the right deal. Everyone had his cards set at high prices or the actual autograph was of poor quality. So the search continued till I found this on the bay. Al was always on my list to acquire at some point in the future but not a priority. Well if I could get this card for a steal I could knock off two birds with one stone and in the end boy did I.

Starting bid was $10 and when I found it the price had been driven up to $15 with a day left. There is no book value due to its scarcity (15 copies) so I had to bid to what I felt was right to me. Glancing at past sales history on eBay I found that others sold for $34, $50 and $75. Two days after I picked this one up another sold for $56. So the median price was give or take $50 and if I was real lucky I could snag it around $34 the lowest price it has sold for. Well I guess people took at day off when I won the card as I ended up with it in the mid 20's. Lucky day for the Penguin.

I finally picked up an autograph I had been searching for and another that I wanted somewhere down the road for less than I sold the Fielder signed ball back during the ball purge. Always a little worried when I score that good of a deal on a card that possibly the card is damaged or not as described. It arrived a week later with no problems whatsoever.

Kaline's auto

Prince's auto

12 / 15

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. $20?! Wow, that's an awesome card! Any way you would trade it?

    1. 25ish to be exact.
      As you will see in tomorrows post this card is in BGS's right now.

  2. Wow that is a sweet card for an amazing price!

  3. Very nice price. I hope Prince can balance back. I'm worried that his best days are behind him. That body type doesn't age well.

    1. Very true and more so now that I have in my fantasy league as who I wanted for 1st got taken in front of me. Ha