Monday, March 23, 2015

BGS Raw Card Review Submission From March 7, 2015 Update Number 11 - 2014 Topps Five Star Clayton Kershaw Base Autograph

Original pic and thoughts :

2014 Topps Five Star

Second of the two Kershaw autos in the submission and just like the other I am hoping for the best here. The "issue" with this one is that I can tell one corner is slightly not razor sharp. Question is will that at least earn a 9 so the other sub grades hopefully earn a 9.5 so I can yet have another gem mint Kershaw autograph in my collection? Hope so.

Result and thoughts :

We arrive to the 3rd and final week with the results from the final 5 cards from the recent BGS raw grade event that was held on March 7th. Let the good times commence as this is a great week card wise.

The Five Star brand is my love/hate relationship in the hobby. These are just beautiful cards that I can't get enough of but they are a bitch when it comes to grading. The thickness of the cards causes a lot of corner issues and I have had my fair share of them. Even when everything else looks good they can drag the whole overall grade down. I have been lucky with Frank Thomas, Sandy Koufax and a couple others but then more than a handful others have been less than gem mint. I have never gotten a Kershaw Five Star in a 9.5 grade ... until now. 

I was really worried about one corner but thankfully it scored at least a 9. Signature is perfect as that earned a 10 and I am curious of what the other subs are going to come back as. All I know though is I have added another gem mint Kershaw autograph to the collection.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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