Sunday, March 8, 2015

Trade with Fellow Blogger : Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball

It must be baseball season as it seems I am doing more trades and/or being contacted about potentially doing one. Fellow blogger, Tony of Off Hiatus Baseball recently reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in some unique items. While not technically a trade as Tony did not ask for anything in return as he just wanted the items to go to a loving home I am presently looking at my collection to see if there is anything he might like. While I work on that he sent the items my way and here they are.



This is an advertisement card by US Cellular which features Dodger and baseball legend Jackie Robinson. It's size will make it a bit difficult to find a safe place in my collection but I am sure I will be able to work that out.

Furillo, Snider and Jackie

Erskine, Gil and Pee Wee

Now for the cool part of the "trade". All six of these admission tickets are from the 1984 National aka Sports Collectors Convention. I have gone to one of these, though I forget which one as it was sometime in the 1990's, so seeing these brought back memories of those care free days. The $3 charge for this event shows you how much prices have changed in 3 decades. Seeing all of them adorned with Dodgers just brings a smile to my face and I suspect that is what Tony wanted to hear.

There is no profit to be made with having these as that is not what this trade was about. Just having a little bit of sports card collecting history in hand is good enough for me. Obviously with the Dodger flavor it makes it just that much better.

Thank you again to Tony for contacting me and offering up these unique items. It is much appreciated and soon, I promise, I will find a little something to send your way. Till the next trade.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


  1. As you imagined, being able to put a smile on a fellow collector's face is what this hobby is all about! I'm glad you liked them.

    1. and once again I appreciate and thank you for reaching out. Great and unique item for my collection. Again, i am keeping an eye out for Brewer stuff and I might be buying a box of A/G this year so maybe you would like the Brewers I pull out of there?

  2. Great trade with Tony! We swap all the time and he always seems to find some cool stuff that I've never seen before.

    1. My 1st with and hopefully not the last. I still need to find something for him.