Sunday, March 1, 2015

Card of the Day - 2014 Bowman Chrome Draft : Julio Urias Base Blue Refractor Parallel (256/399)

My Urias collection continues to grow and like with Seager I hope there is no end in sight. Now that Kemp is gone my primary Dodgers to collect are Kershaw, Seager and Urias. With Seager and Urias still in the minors and prices still reasonable for the most part they will be the only ones I will try to collect more than just black and blue parallels. With that said, look, its another blue parallel.

Thankfully in the 2014 Bowman Draft there are only a few Dodgers to chase after and since I already had the black version of this card (as shown yesterday) I only needed the blue one. Beckett still has this card listed at $10 and even though it's "basically" a rookie card as it was released during his "rookie" year there have been plenty of chrome cards to chose from so $10 was too high for my liking.

While I had a price in my head that I would be willing to pay but the $1.84 I ended up paying for it was more to my liking as it was below my price ceiling. Considering I lost out on auctions where the card ended up selling for $5 or so I was very happy to acquire this for less than a $2 bill.

Card looks to be in gem mint condition and might (yeah, it's going) be a candidate for BGS grading in the future. We shall see.

256 / 399

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