Monday, March 23, 2015

Player Appearance / Signing Recap - Paul Lo Duca @ Dr. Liu's Optometry On March 21, 2015

This past Saturday Dr. Liu was hosting yet another former Dodger for a in store appearance at his practice and I knew I would make my way over there. Paul Lo Duca was the player and even though I met him at Harry's Dugout about 20 months ago as seen HERE that was when I acquired all my autographs on baseballs. Well that was then and this is now and I no longer had that ball and needed to pick up Paul's autograph on an 8x10. Also since I was heading out there I swung by Whittier to complete a trade which I will post about tomorrow so this trip was made to accomplish two things.

The signing was scheduled to start at 3 in the afternoon and even though I knew I wouldn't be there early I wanted to be there by 3:15-3:20. That did not happen as every single freeway from the 405,105,60 and 91 were backed up. Where was everyone going? After the trade was completed (which I was a little late to as well) it was already 3:20. I did not arrive to Dr. Liu's until 3:52 and when I got out of the car I noticed a line of about 15 people. It was busy. Good for Alex. I walked up to the door and said I wanted to speak to the Dr. and got in and chit chatted with him and he said that Paul would accommodate everyone. Paul always has been fan friendly and it shows once again. I picked a photo to my liking and hopped in line.

Closer view

Approached Paul and he took notice of the shirt that I was wearing and said he believes UCLA has a chance. We shall see on that but that is more proof that Paul is a good guy. He initiated the conversation not me. Placed the photo down for him to sign and then asked for a picture with him which he obliged.

Another autograph reacquired for my collection has been obtained. Thank you again to Paul for coming out and signing for the fans and thank you as always to Alex Liu for hosting the event and having it run so smoothly just like all past events. Season is about to begin and can't wait for more in store autograph events.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Awesome signature. As for the traffic that was everywhere, I think it was because of the Beyond Wonderland rave that was nearby.

    1. Ty. My GOD that was terrible traffic. If so then it effected it all the way to Redondo Beach as it took me almost a 70 minutes to get there. Ugh. Congrats on your autograph as well.