Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Trade With Twitter / Autograph Hound Friend - Gabriel

As stated in yesterday's post when I was on my way to acquire Paul Lo Duca's autograph once again I made a quick pit stop in Whittier to start/continue a trade with fellow Dodger friend/autograph seeker Gabriel. We have met each other before as we run in some of the same circles but have yet to do a trade. That changed as I finally got my hands on an item that I have been hunting down for a year.

The Box

Last year the Dodgers had a giveaway at the stadium which was of a replica of Vin Suclly's microphone. I couldn't attend the game nor could any of my friends or family so I ended up selling my tickets. I still wanted the microphone though and had seen it numerous times on eBay but with an attached price of at least $50. Wanted it, just not that bad. I assumed someday I would get my hands on it.

Well, Gabriel posted one day on a Facebook group that specializes in Dodger trading that he had one his was trying to unload for $40. Reasonable but I still had other things I wanted more than this. The following day he posted a question if anyone was selling one of their MVP card's for this upcoming year (they give you access to the stadium one hour prior to general public, discounts etc.). As a season ticket holder I receive four a year and just need one for the wife and I. That means I have two left. Seeing past sales of these cards on eBay I contacted Gabriel to see if he would do the microphone with an additional $40 via Paypal. A discount of the MVP card for him and a discount of the microphone for me. He agreed to the deal and he trusted me (would never screw anyone over on a trade) enough to hand over the microphone prior to getting the card (Dodgers are supposed to release them this week).

The Mic

We met up at a public parking place and completed one part of the trade with the remaining part to hopefully be completed in the next day or two at the latest. No money out of pocket for me and a discounted card for him which should score him more autographs and the such. A win win for the both of us. Thank you once again to Gabriel for the smooth trade and hopefully we can do more in the future.

From 1950 . . .

. . . to 2014 (and beyond)

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    1. I know you do. You wanted one last year and you and I were going to work something out but I couldn't go to the game so i lost out on both of the ones I would have received.