Wednesday, April 29, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Four - 2014 Topps Dynasty : Mike Piazza Autograph w/Relic Now Graded Mint 9.0

2014 Topps Dynasty

With a card being uncirculated it would seem to me that it should get a gem mint grade as it has not been handled but I have seen plenty of uncirculated cards earn lower grades. Hopefully that does not happen to mine but when I acquired this I did my research and from the pictures and with card in hand I do not see any problems here. Nice crisp signature on what seems to a perfect card. Here's hoping my one and only Dynasty card in my collection will be gem minty. 

Results and thoughts :

UGH !!!

The biggest disappointed of the whole batch. This was second on the submission post which meant I was pretty damn sure that it would grade out to gem mint yet it did not.

What I also found interesting is that the graders did not open the case that it came in. These Dynasty cards come in a sealed case and I never touched the card when I acquired it. I submitted it to BGS in the still sealed case and they did their review without breaking the seal. Interesting to say the least. 

The perfectionist in me is irked that I did not get to add a gem mint Piazza autograph to the collection but the collector in me is happy nonetheless that the card did earn an overall 9 and as expected the autograph grade is a 10 as it is flawless. 

As with all raw grades you never know what the sub grades are so you don't know how close you are to a higher grade or how close you were to earning a lower one. This like most of the cards from the submission went to BGS to get slabbed so in a month we shall see how close I was to gem mint on this one. 

Full Submission Results and Thoughts :

While I want all my cards to grade out to gem mint this one is really disappointing. When I 1st received the raw grade and found out it was a 9 I was miffed and couldn't believe this "uncirculated" card would grade that "low". Now with the full grade back I am even more ticked off.


With one of each possible sub grade it makes this card an overall mint 9 but not a strong one at that. Again, disappointing. If there would have been a little hiccup on edges I would have ended up with a near mint card of Piazza. Sigh, you can't win them all but damn if this one wasn't one that I really wanted and expected to be a gem mint or at the very least .5 from it. 

A disappointing and "unexpected" 9

At least the autograph is a 10

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  1. I feel that Topps should guarantee a 9.5/10 for all Dynasty cards since they have never been touched by a collector, and the cards are extremely expensive... At least the card looks good!

    1. I understand that it is still handled by the players but still...
      Yes, its still a great looking card and I really "needed" a Piazza for my collection so its not all bad. Got this on the cheap as no way am I buying a "box" of this stuff