Thursday, April 2, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps : Zack Greinke Base Silver Frame Parallel (10/20)

With my first 2015 acquisition being the backbone and ace of the Dodgers Clayton Kershaw I continued my pursuit of getting my hands on all the other players in these silver frame parallels and what I came up with is a pitcher who would be the ace on at least 24 other teams but on this team his is regulated to number two or at best 1A. Come on down Greinke.

Unlike the other Dodgers with the exception of Kershaw, I haven't seen more than a few copies of any of them on eBay. So of course there would be two Zacks live on eBay at the same time. Curiously enough both of their auctions ended within 10 hours of each other but the problem was this particular one ended at 4:30 in the morning for me. Love me some cards but I won't be up that early bidding. I took a crack at the other card that ended the previous night but was out bid at the last moment so I had to turn my focus to this one. It had no bids as of yet so I put a bid in right before I went to bed which meant the auction went unattended by me for 5 hours. I would have to wait to wake up and see if I was the winner or not. Considering the starting asking bid was $6 lower than the one I just lost out on I wasn't expecting much but low and behold I won the card for the starting asking price. Go figure. Guess having the auction end so early even some east coasters would still be asleep was an advantage to me.

One bid with no hassle. Now that is two cards down for the silver frame parallels with only Puig and Trout of the Angels being the biggies I still need to try to hunt down.  

10 of 20

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