Monday, April 27, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Three - 2013 Topps Museum : Prince Fielder and Al Kaline Dual Autograph Now Graded Mint 9.0

2013 Topps Museum Dual Autograph of Al Kaline / Prince Fielder

In hindsight I probably shouldn't have submitted this for grading but since it was such a bargain I couldn't resist considering the "rarity" of the card. I think Prince is going to have bonce back year and this is a great card with a Tiger HOF as well. Even with that I look back and think that I know the corners are not the best and probably won't get better than a 9. Hopefully everything holds up enough to get an overall 9 but the idea of another limited numbered gem mint card for the collection is pretty much gone.

Full Submission Result and Thoughts :

As expected the corners did indeed come back with an 8.5. For good or bad I guess I know my conditions for the most part.. Edges also suffered a little as they came back with a little better grade of a 9. While this was the expected result I knew the minute I signed off on the submission form that it was a mistake getting it slabbed. My delusion of hoping to squeeze out a gem mint got the better of me. To make that happen the corners would have had to at least earn a 9 which I knew they wouldn't. Why did I do it then? Guess I got caught up in the moment of all the goodness this batch gave me. Oh well, at least this card is now easier to store as it's in a nice hard case.

Wanted a 9.5 but knew in my gut that after submitting it would come back a 9

At least the autograph came back as a 10

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  1. Do you display your cards or file them away?

    1. For now file them away but I think somewhere down the road I might do a greatest hits display case. You?

    2. Some of the more higher end cards get displayed. I put them in one touch magnetic cases and use the Ultra Pro card stands to prop them up. I have a nice multi shelf cabinet in my basement that houses most of them. The others get filed away.

    3. Sounds great. I think if and when I do it I would want a locked case that can house BGS cards as those would probably be the only ones I would want to display. Of course I do have that Matt Kemp project I am doing that would look good in a case. I need a man cave like you

    4. Thankfully as soon as my wife let me have the basement in the house I went to work. That same day she gave me permission I was hanging up jerseys and bats on the wall. NO TAKE BACKS!

      The case I have a lot of my cards in was a nice wooden and thick glass cabinet my Grandma used to store her paper weight collection. When she downsized, she gave it to me.

      Just a couple of weeks back I bought some shelves for a lot of baseballs and mini helmets.

    5. Thats take backs EVER. She probably regretted as she opened her mouth and said the words. Her mind was saying What ... are... you doing? LOL.
      Sounds like you have a nice set up. You should do a post of pictures of it sometime.