Thursday, April 23, 2015

BGS Result Update Number One - 2009 Allen and Ginter : Clayton Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph Now Graded Near Mint 8.5

. . .  and here we go.

I just received my cards back from BGS and will now post the results and my thoughts on the grade of all 18 that I submitted. I will do one every other day so it will take a little over a month to get through them all. As always I will cut and past my original thoughts and photos from the previous posts for reference. With that we start off with a major disappointment.

2009 Allen and Ginter Kershaw Mini Frame Autograph

Now I am just being down right greedy. I already have one of these Kershaws in a gem mint grade so why submit another? Why because 2 is better than 1. Ha Ha. Unlike the McCutchen mini this one seems to be devoid of corner issues so I hope to earn my 2nd gem mint 2009 A/G mini of Kershaw for the collection. Nothing like a little trade bait for the future as well.

Final Submission Result and Thoughts :

I was being greedy as stated in the above paragraph and it bit me in the ass. I picked this up on a major discount and wanted to pare it with my other already graded gem mint of this exact card so I would have Kershaw brothers. Well the infamous Allen and Ginter curse hit me again and with it I have cracked this card open and will be selling it on the bay. Thankfully what I originally paid for is about $30-$40 less than what it is going for now so in the end no harm no foul.

I could have lived with a mint 9.0 grade but another near mint 8.5 is not going to "pollute" my collection. I have a 2012 Allen and Ginter mini frame of Kershaw that also came back an 8.5 as it received an 8 on centering. Well same thing happened here and like that 2012 if it would have been a minimum 8.5 I would have earned an overall mint as the other sub grades were gem mint. Ugh once again. 

3 9.5's and still a measly overall near mint grade

Thankfully I already have one of these 2009's in gem mint form so this one is going bye bye. Oh well, can't win them all. 

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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