Sunday, April 5, 2015

Card of the Day - 2001 Sp Authentic : Shawn Green Chirography Autograph

Surprisingly it has been a chore to reacquire Mr. Green's autograph for my collection. He was part of the ball purge of 2014 but he was near the top of the list of making sure he was back in the collection in card form sooner rather than later. Easier said than done.

Shawn is one of the players that had to be represented in Dodger blue for the collection. That made it harder considering it also had to be an on card and not a sticker autograph. Searching and searching and I came up empty most days. The few auctions I did put a bid on I eventually lost out due to the price going over $10.

This particular card was being sold by a seller that had numerous Green autograph cards but this was one of only two that were on card. I hoped that with the multiple choices that there wouldn't be too many people on this one. Thankfully their were only two watchers (one being me) but in the end there was only one bid which was my winning one for a tad under $7 which included shipping and the spiffy acrylic case.

Simple design but a great on card autograph.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. Sweeeet. I am disappointed at the lack of on-card Green autos. I think I have a pretty decent Green collection, but never got my hands on one that I really liked on-card wise.

    1. Tell me about it. It was hard enough to find him in a Dodger uniform but this was the only one I saw on card and that was for anytime. Go figure.