Monday, April 20, 2015

Player Appearance / Signing Recap : Tommy Lasorda @ Dodger Stadium On April 18, 2015

Dodger fan's favorite, former manager and always pleasant to talk to Tommy Lasorda made an in store appearance at Dodger Stadium this past weekend to promote his current book "My Way".

He "co-wrote" it with his former assistant Colin Gunderson who was also on hand to sign copies for fans. I wanted to pick up a copy sometime this year and just had to find the right opportunity to do so and this was that time. I wanted to go to the Grove a week earlier but life happened as I was needed elsewhere. I learned of the signing earlier in the week and thought if I could piggy back it with an actual baseball game then I could kill two birds with one stone. I had yet to attend a game this baseball season so it gave me more reason to want to go this Saturday so I could take in a game and get an autographed book from Tommy.

Lasorda and Gunderson autographs.

With the Dodgers hosting the Rockies with no stadium giveaways I thought I could score a deal on some tickets to the game which I did and ended up with front row seats in the Loge level. Great view to a great game as the Dodgers beat the Rockies 6-3. It felt great to be back for live baseball. It's been too long. 

As a season ticket holder (STH) I can enter the stadium an hour prior to the general public and I planned to use that perk to get in line early as I expected a crowd for the Dodger great. The signing was scheduled to begin at 4:30 and last for about an hour. The wife and I were in the stadium at 3:15 and once 4 p.m. approached we headed towards the left field New Era store. Not as many people as I expected as we were about 20th in line. Tommy and Colin arrived 10 minutes earlier than scheduled and promptly started to sign for fans.

Like a few other people in line I tried to get an outside item signed and was denied by four different people (security, store employee, handler and Colin himself). Oh well, guess I will have to hit up Tommy in Arizona next year. Approached the table where they were sitting and Tommy happened to be in a good mood this day (I'm going to attest that to this being a public event where he has his best face on) as he even engaged with a few fans. They both signed my copy and Tommy was eyeing my black and white photo I had hoped he would sign and wondered if he would ask to see it and maybe sign it anyways. It wasn't meant to be. I said my thank yous to both gentlemen and headed back to the stadium. 

Tommy signing my copy

Surprisingly as I left there were maybe an additional 20 people lined up for the signing and it was only 4:40. I expected a bigger turnout but maybe because of the late announcement people were unaware. 

Thank you again to Tommy and Colin for the signed copy.

A Tommy signing can't be complete without an attitude attached to it.
Pleasant but I still got the stink eye.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



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