Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Aspirations


Winter is officially over and it is baseball season once again. In a little more than 124 hours from now the Dodgers will take the field against the Padres in the pursuit of a long over due World Series appearance (and hopefully win). Kershaw will be seeking his 4th (should be 5th) Cy Young in 5 years and will also be defending his MVP crown. In all honesty if he wins the MVP again he would have had a more sublime year than 2014 and everyone else basically sucked in the NL. Once is great but twice for a pitcher in this day and age to win a MVP? Not likely. Of course I do not care about that award I like most fans just want to see him raise the World Series trophy and hopefully this is the year that it happens. Again, God willing.

Not much on the movie front this month as the official summer season doesn't get started until the first week of May but there is one movie that the wife and I will be attending on opening week. The 7th and if rumors are to be believed out of a planned 9 movie franchise will bring even more mayhem onscreen. Each chapter since the 3rd one has gotten better and better so sooner or later it has to taper off right? Hopefully not and I can't wait to see what they have planned for this film.

Now for the fun part of the month as we all get ready to be robbed by our lovely government. Yes, robbed. Every paycheck our "leaders" take money that they deem necessary to be used to better our lives. While some does do good for you and I there is a lot of wasted cash being spent on fruitless projects and/or people that game the system as all they do is take take take and give nothing back. Now each April 15th the government comes around and says you must give us more money because what you already gave us was not enough since we wasted it. Ugh, the price of living in a liberal country strikes again. May November of 2016 bring about good change as 2008 brought about the bad variety.

Alright, enough of the negative rant. On the last weekend of the month I/we have decided to head down to San Diego to catch the Dodgers play the Padres. My ballpark ball bucket list is still unfulfilled when it comes to Petco Park. I have yet to get my hands on a ball from that stadium. It could be a foul ball, a bp ball or even a toss us but I have gone for years and still have not gotten my hands on one. Maybe this is the year.

Now the game is only 3 hours long (5 if you count bp which we will be attending) so for the rest of the weekend I will be taking my lovely wife out around San Diego. We always find a new place to eat when we go down there and I am sure this year will be no different. I also decided to take us to a haunted building in Old Town San Diego. Love scaring the wife. Hee Hee. Also Little Italy will be on tap for us as well. Good times ahead.

... and to finish off the month the 28th day brings about my niece's 14th birthday. How time flies. I remember when she was a baby and I chugged around her diaper bag. Now she is a teenager and growing up so fast. Happy Birthday Alexia. May all your wishes come true. We love you.

A busy month indeed for the wife and I which doesn't even include stuff that I know will come up at the last minute, concerts, random get togethers, etc. April is the beginning of a busy 5 plus month swing and I look forward to it all. May you, the reader, have as much fun as I have planned and may it treat you well.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed month.

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