Thursday, April 9, 2015

Card of the Day - 2012 Topps Heritage : Sandy Koufax 63 Mint (Coin) PSA Graded Near Mint 8

Part 3 of four posts pertaining to my recent eBay trade.

All the cards are either Koufax or Kershaw and today we get to the one graded card of Koufax.

This particular card doesn't really fit into any part of my collection other than it being of Dodger great Sandy Koufax. I don't do PSA submissions and I have never owned a coin card but acquiring this unique card was a chance I wouldn't pass up.

This card originally sold for $30 on eBay but that really doesn't matter to me. If I ever do choose to sell it I would crack it open and sell it "raw" as I probably could clear at least $35 since book is give or take $50.

I love the look of this card with the old timey photo and the pastel colors. As I've said many times my collection of Koufax cards is minimal and adding another one is always a plus.

I could probably be talked out of this card on a trade so if it interests you feel free to contact me but till then I will enjoy it my collection. One more post coming up from my trade.

Near Mint 8

Better look at the coin.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


  1. I have the Stargell like that card. Not really my cup of tea either, but like you it was a throw in in a much bigger purchase.

    1. I like it per se but it just doesnt fit into my collection. I am sure someone will want it and I will trade it out or I could always crack it out of case and sell it raw on eBay for $30/$40 and buy another autograph
      = )