Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Card of the Day - 2015 Topps Heritage : Dee Gordon Base Chrome Black Refractor Parallel (64/66)

Like with my Matt Kemp collection going forward this year, the pursuit of Dee cards is reaching its end and with this card's acquisition it might already be here.

While Dee is featured in the Heritage set he was not in the in the 1st series of Topps cards which means he will be in series two but by that time he will/should be in Marlin colors and not Dodger blue so I won't be getting that card. Kemp may pop up in an issue or two in blue before the switch over to Padre colors but I don't see the same thing happening with Dee. If this is really my last Dee card then I couldn't ask for a nicer one as this is a great, limited and black chrome from this year's Heritage set.

There are only 66 copies but I had already lost out on 5 of them. This one popped up one morning on a 24 hour auction with no reserve and by the next day the high price was $5 with a hour or so left in the auction. 60 minutes and a few bids later I won it for a reasonable price as the card books for $25.

You were always a class act on and off the field Dee and the few times that I met you, you always went out of your way to make sure everyone was happy around you and accommodated all autograph and picture requests . You will be missed out here in Los Angeles. Good luck in Miami.

64 of 66

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