Saturday, April 25, 2015

BGS Result Update Number Two - 2014 Topps Chrome : Yasiel Puig Base Photo Variation Now Graded Mint 9.0

Original pic and thoughts :

2014 Topps Chrome Photo Variation

Another card that I am positive won't earn a 9.5. Like Seager I am still hoping it holds enough to get a mint 9. Just like his I only see one flaw with the card but I don't want to risk a full submission hence the raw review route instead. The lower right corner has a surface "smear" which I know will garner at least a 9 if not 8.5. If all the other sub grades get at least a 9 then that is fine by me. 

Result and thoughts :

When does a card earn a mint 9 result considered perfect and brings a smile to my face? When said card has a visible flaw and crossing my fingers actually worked.

My original thought was that the "smear" would down grade the card to at least a 9 and in my mind the more likelihood of an 8.5. The card indeed come back with an overall 9 which means that either the smear "earned" an 8.5 or another one of the sub grades got a lower than expected grade. But if that was to happen the smear would have earned a 9 so I am going with the thinking that it earned an 8.5 and the others at least a 9 for an overall 9 grade.

I did decide to send this to BGS for slabbing. If it came back an 8.5 I would have kept it as is but I am happy to add another photo variation card to my graded card collection. Even though this is a 9 it is one that I expected and a result I am more than happy with.

Full Submission Result and Thoughts :

Even though this card is the 2nd of the 18 card submission batch it really isn't a disappointment as when I submitted it I knew at best it would come back a mint 9 though I did expect it to be a stronger 9 which it wasn't

As expected the corners did indeed receive an 8.5 but I thought everything else would get a 9.5 but in the end surfaces received only a 9 which might be accounted to the "damage" on the corner since that fraying affects the surface in general.

Expected and satisfying mint 9

While I would have loved to pare a gem mint Puig photo variation with my Kershaw and Kemp photo variation gem mints from the same Topps Chrome brand I can't complain considering this card books for $150 and I picked it up for $20+ and it is now certified mint.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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