Friday, November 27, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number FIFTEEN - 1999 SP : Adrian Beltre Base Autograph Now Graded Mint 9.0

1999 SP Adrian Beltre Autograph

I am actually submitting two copies of this Beltre card as I picked one up on trade (actually my card being reacquired) and one from eBay when I was void of Beltre autographs. This is the oldest (16 years) card I have ever submitted and while they both look exactly the same condition wise I don't know what years of being passed around does for my chances to have at least one of these if not both come back as gem mints. At the very least I think they come back as strong mint 9's.

No, you are not seeing double per se. Yesterday I showcased a 99 SP of Beltre and now we go back to back as this is my final BGS 9 from this batch.

I never expected either of the Beltres to earn a 9.5 but they both came so very close but I rank this one just a notch better than yesterdays and that is due to the sub grade that received an 8.5. Yesterday's 8.5 was for the corners and today's is for surface. My personal ranking always has corners more important than surface as corners are more visual right of the bat but surface can be on the reverse of a card which you will never see. Also, if I decide to resubmit either card for a regrade this one would be the one not the other.

Either way I am very happy with 2 Beltre 9's and now for the rest of the 18 cards left in this batch to blog about we shall only see gold banners. Woo hoo.

Oh so close to gem....AGAIN

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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