Thursday, November 12, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number FOUR - 2013 Topps Five Star : Ernie Banks Base Autograph (24/50) Now Graded Near Mint 8.5

2013 Topps Five Star Ernie Banks Autograph /50

No way no how. That is the chance that this card has in earning a gem mint 9.5 from BGS. 30/70 is the chance in my opinion that it comes back as a 9 as I am looking at a possible 8.5 from Beckett with this great looking Banks card but maybe the hobby Gods will be on my side and give me a 9 which I will be more than happy to receive. This was going to be a raw review card but it got bumped into the full submission stack once the volume got higher and higher. There are two corners that have issues and I am hoping that they are minor enough that they can earn an 8.5 so the card can achieve an overall 9 but there is a possibility they earn an 8 which I am hoping I am wrong.

We come to the 4th and final card of the batch that earned an 8.5 near mint grade and this is the only one that I can accept as going in I pretty much expected this to come back as such. I was right on as the corners did indeed get dinged as they earned an 8.5. Edges also earned that same grade which drove the overall to the 8.5. While this card was out getting graded I decided on a redirection for my collecting habits and I had already ear marked this for selling no matter what grade it earned. Obviously a higher grade would have been nicer but in the end I will be doing to this what I did to the Harper Five Star which is cracking it open and razzing it out on Instagram.

Four cards in and tomorrow we get to start on some mint returns. Sadly though the disappointments have not stopped with this Banks card as there are a few more to showcase which brought a frown to my face.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.


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