Wednesday, November 11, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number THREE - 2014 Bowman Draft : Alex Verdugo Base Chrome Silver Wave Parallel (19/25) Now Graded Near Mint 8.5

2014 Bowman Draft Alex Verdugo Silver Wave /25

First of two Verdugos in this batch and even though I rank this lower on the list of earning a gem mint return I still think it has a very good chance of doing just that. Everything looks good from my point of view on this rainbow card and hoping to keep the streak alive on Verdugo graded cards in my collection as all of them are gem mint as of now. Come on BGS, no silver banner here please.

Well I almost hit this grade on the head but just like Harper's card from Monday I missed on the surface aspect of this Verdugo card. Every other sub grade received a 9.5 which meant all I needed surface to get was a 9 and I would add yet another gem mint Verdugo to the collection. Well the grader said no you will not get that gem mint but here's a nice 7.5 surface sub grade for you to drive the overall grade down to an 8.5. Just like the Harper card I do not see what I missed on this card. I really need to educate myself more on surface grading for future submissions. I will end up cracking this open and reselling it if and when Alex starts really heating up in the hobby. Till then I just have another irritating near mint card in my collection.

3 9.5's yet a near mint return

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