Thursday, November 26, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number FOURTEEN - 1999 SP : Adrian Beltre Base Autograph Now Graded Mint 9.0

1999 SP Adrian Beltre Autograph

I am actually submitting two copies of this Beltre card as I picked one up on trade (actually my card being reacquired) and one from eBay when I was void of Beltre autographs. This is the oldest (16 years) card I have ever submitted and while they both look exactly the same condition wise I don't know what years of being passed around does for my chances to have at least one of these if not both come back as gem mints. At the very least I think they come back as strong mint 9's.

I hit this card right on the head. It did indeed come back a 9 and a strong one at that as it only needed corners to earn another half a point and it would have been a gem 9.5. I am not surprised that the corners received an 8.5 as being in and out of hands for 16 years can add wear and tear. I would have loved to have this come back as a gem as I think Adrian is a future HOF member and this great looking card shows in him Dodger blue. A real bonus. Oh well. As stated in the original paragraph I have 2 of this same card so maybe the other one did better? Maybe? We shall see.

Oh so close to a gem 9.5

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