Tuesday, November 10, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number TWO - 2014 Allen and Ginter : Clayton Kershaw Base Mini Parallel EXT Variant Now Graded Near Mint 8.5

2014 Allen Ginter EXT Mini

Another Ginter, another Kershaw and another expected return of the bare minimum of mint 9 but if push came to shove I would say this is border line gem mint. I see nothing wrong with surfaces and edges so they should earn 9.5's but the corners and centering might just be a tad off on both that they both earn a 9 which would make it an overall 9. Hoping one if not both can garner a 9.5 so I can have another gem mint mini Kershaw in my collection.

Well once again I was right about the corners as I was with the Harper card and just like that one this one also earned an 8.5 on that sub grade. What I didn't expect was that the edges would also earn an 8.5 which drove the overall grade of this card to an 8.5. I want/need to have all my limited Kershaw cards to be at least a 9 and this addition irks me. I could crack it open and resell it but as this is the off season it would not be the optimal time to do that. I might even just end up keeping it and just chalk it up as a "loss". Of course it is only .5 from a mint so I could always go the re grading route but I don't think that this card is worth it. Oh well.

Yet another irritating 8.5 in the batch.

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