Friday, November 13, 2015

BGS Submission Result Number FIVE - 2013 Allen and Ginter : Josh Hamilton Mini Frame Autograph Red Ink Variant (9/10) Now Graded Mint 9.0

2013 Allen Ginter Josh Hamilton Mini Frame Autograph Red /10

Normally I would never put an Allen Ginter card this close to the top of the stack on an expected gem mint return from BGS BUT since I actually owned this card once before and submitted to Beckett and it came back from them with a 9.5 I am expecting it once again. Yes, this is the same card I submitted once before but I traded it and that person cracked it open but kept it in its sleeve so it was never handled so I am expecting another 9.5. To say I would be disappointed if it didn't come back with that would be an understatement. I had this second to the top on expected gem mint returns. Why so high? Because I had this exact same card before and submitted it to BGS and it came back as a gem and to add insult to injury they now say that the autograph is a 9 instead of a 10! My friend Frankie had some issues with his cards in this batch as well and maybe we both got the same grader on a day where he was in a terrible mood. How does centering go down from a 9.5 to a 9. I didn't magically change it. I am irritated more with this return than any of the 8.5's just for the fact what this card used to be. Not sure what I am going to do with this card as I was planning to flip it in a gem mint case but now do I crack it yet again and try to sell it raw or possibly do a re grade when BGS is back in town and hopefully get a grader that is not PMS'ing?

First week of the BGS returns is officially over and for the most part I was underwhelmed with the less than expected returns. Next week is better but that's not saying much.

This card make see red and not in a good way.

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day.



  1. This is the kind of stuff that always makes me a little skeptical of the whole process.

    1. TOTALLY agree. Also goes the other was you will see in a week or so as I had 2 9's and had them "upgraded" to 9.5's